Minister Sirleaf Ralph Tyler chairs his first monthly meeting.
Minister Sirleaf Ralph Tyler chairs his first monthly meeting.

Minister Sirleaf Ralph Tyler Emphasizes Teamwork and Integrity in First Monthly Meeting with Ministry of Transport Directors

Transport Minister, Sirleaf Ralph Tyler, on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, held his first monthly meeting with Directors of the Ministry of Transport, as planned since his induction into office as Minister to take charge of the transport sector of Liberia.

Speaking, Minister Tyler stressed the need for teamwork, unity, and confidentiality among directors so as to move the ministry forward. He urged directors to refrain from making inciteful comments that may lead to misrepresentation of the Ministry or increase negative perceptions among the public. The new Transport Boss also advised that directors show intimate respect for each other and encourage good communication skills toward works.

He also used the occasion to clarify that his administration inherited the issue of those 100 plus people recently affected by the payroll audits. "Since December 31, 2023, the Civil Service Agency had officially declared those individuals as unduly employed, consistent with the CSA's standard policy on civil servants and that they were being paid under consultancy budget of the Ministry which is nonexistent and therefore, they can not be in the Ministry or allow to be seated in various offices", Minister Tyler strongly emphasised. However, Minister Tyler said efforts are being made to engage the relevant authorities of government to remedy personnel's challenges.

The Minister advised individuals in the employ of the Ministry to desist from spewing malicious lies or inciting those affected instead of telling them the hard truths. "I have not come to hurt anyone, but to do what I can do with your support in realizing the "ARREST" Agenda of President Boakai," Minister Tyler, maintained. "In order to ensure security and restriction in the movement of taxpayers and employees, administration will introduce new inspectorate jackets, access passes, and new identification cards for employees, respectively", the Minister said.