Transport Ministry launches New Vehicle License Plates

Monrovia: Monday, January 11, 2021; theMinistry of Transport in collaboration with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) on Monday January 11, 2021, officially launched a new sets of vehicle, tricycle, motorcycle license plates of all categories after 5-year of existence of current plate to the public. The launch of the new plate is aimed at improving license plate security, new technology and to ensure quality service delivery. In a welcome remarks, Deputy Transport Minister for Land & Rail, Hon. Darious J. Kollie, welcomed guests attending the program and expressed thanks and appreciation for their attendance which he described as, ”impressive”.

Presenting on the overview of the design of the new license plates, the Chairman on the Technical Team for the design of the new plates, Mr. Gallow Browne of the Ministry of Transport praised the work of the team and said it would have cost Government a huge sum of money if transport experts were hired to design the new plates. He said when the Liberian Government decided to transition from the old license plates (PC, BC, TP, TB, TT, BT, BB etc) to the A1, A2, B1, C1 E1, E2 and H1, H2) categories in 2014, the team also had difficult work to do at the time. However, Mr. Browne lauded Administration for the support rendered the technical team to succeed in the designing of the new plates. The team which included MDMC, Techno Brain, LRA, and the immaculate employees of the MOT began the process of the design of the new plates in July 2020.

Speaking, Hon. Sirleaf R. Tyler, Deputy Minister for Administration and Insurance said it is a tradition and custom by the Ministry of Transport to change the designs of all vehicles license plates, every 5-year. “It is consistent with this custom we are here today”, He said. Deputy Minister Tyler said key among other reasons to produce new license plates include, to improve the current vehicle license plates matching international standards and making it almost impossible to duplicate, to obliterate the risk of fraud, to add technology for service delivery and operational efficiencies, to ensure the national security compliance in terms of identification of all land transport and to ensure that we increase GOL Revenue by astronomical proportions.     

Minister Tyler expressed excitement and confidence that these new instruments meet all the standards set forth locally and internationally. “Additionally, in the next coming months, we will be adding new means of payment which include Mobile Money, Online payments, and Visa/ MasterCard payment. Initially, United Bank of Africa (UBA) and International Bank (IB) will partner with MoT, and subsequently other banks will follow to provide the services”, He said. The launch of the new plates also introduces a Third Windshield Sticker, a new requirement for all moving vehicles throughout the geographical space of Liberia. The sticker will bear the Make, Model, and VIN Numbers of all vehicles, making it easier for routine motor vehicles inspection by MoT and the LNP as well as discourage others from transferring plates from one vehicle to another. Deputy Minister Tyler concluded by officially commissioning the new license plates as a legal instrument to be used by the driving public.

Representing Col. Patrick S. Sudue, Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, the Chief of Public Safety, Commissioner John Saah, encouraged owners of vehicle to ensure that their vehicles are registered and insured before plying the principle streets of Liberia. He also advised individuals in the habit of transferring plates to relatives, friends and love ones in violation of the vehicle and traffic laws of Liberia to desist because the introduction of third windshield sticker will help traffic police officers to identify and track down vehicles that are caring plates not corresponding with the features embedded in the windshield sicker. He assured the Ministry of Transport that the LNP will continue to partnership with the ministry to enforce the traffic laws.

In his closing remarks, Hon. Joseph K. Robert, Assistant Minister for Land & Rail thanked the LRA for partnership as well as appreciated the technical committee members for the wonderful work done.

The program which was held at the Ministry of Transport was attended by the transport-related stakeholders, employees of Transport Ministry, guests and the press.