“RESPECT THE LAWS” - Min. Wlue Urges Trans. Unions

Tuesday, December 13, 2016: Transport Minister, Samuel A. Wlue has called on stakeholders in the transport sector especially members of the transport unions to fully respect the laws of Liberia in the discharge of their duties. He said one who is a law-abiding citizen has fulfilled a moral responsibility to his country.

Addressing over twenty (20) executives including Heads, Deputy Heads as well as Secretary Generals of the various motor vehicle, motorcycle, tricycle unions on Monday, December 12, 2016, in the conference room of the Ministry of Transport during an acquaintance meeting. Minister Wlue urged the union members to also respect all traffic safety rules prescribed by laws. “This is very essential to ensure public safety throughout the country” the Transport Boss emphasized. He said as a service-delivery institution, one of his major goals is to ensure that the Ministry and all entities over which it has oversight responsibility such as the various transport unions deliver the needed services to customers in the best, speedy and reliable way in real time. “I need your help, this is why I have invited you here for us to get formally acquainted and strategize on all of these” Minister Wlue stressed amidst applause.    

Responding, the union leaders commended Minister Wlue for the invitation to exchange views on critical number of issues for the overall improvement of the transport sector. They described his action as a very good beginning and expressed the hope that these regular consultative meeting will continue and pledged their collective support to his administration.

This was followed by exhaustive interactive discussions during which the union leaders spoke their hearts out and raised various issues including but not limited to the following;

1.    Need for inclusion of unions’ representatives on enforcement teams during inspections
2.    Need for adequate public awareness prior to inspections
3.    Request for parking lots for Tricycles in Monrovia
4.    Request for Government subsidies to the unions
5.    Request for Government’s intervention to help protect some of the businesses reserved exclusively for Liberians now being gradually overtaken by foreigners, etc.    

Concluding the meeting, Minister Wlue thanked the union leaders for responding to his invitation at short notice. He informed them that their various concerns raised are well noted and will be taken up with the relevant authorities for possible solution.