Axle Load Regulations Implementation Gets Boost

Minister Angela Cassell Bush with file in hand speaking during the workshop
Minister Angela Cassell Bush with file in hand speaking during the workshop
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016: In an effort to properly educate the people of Liberia on the implementation of the Axle Load Regulations which have been approved by the president and being printed into handbills, the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with the German Technical Cooperation, (GIZ), on Monday, September 19, 2016, conducted a daylong stakeholders sensitization Workshop in its conference room.

In opening remarks, the Project Manager of GIZ/Liberia, Ms. Doris Popp said the hosting of the workshop is in furtherance of the collaboration between the GIZ and the Ministry of Transport under the program “Capacity Development for the Transport Sector in Liberia” which began in 2008. She said the Project remains committed to closer collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and called for the full cooperation and support of all stakeholders.

Transport Minister, Angela Cassell Bush, in her official opening address said the AXLE load vision is in consonance with the ECOWAS Supplementary Act of 2012 to which Liberia also ascribed. She told the workshop that it is consistent with this that the Ministry submitted a Draft Axle Load Bill to the National Legislature which was passed by both Houses. She emphasized that this set the stage for the Ministry to have promulgated the regulations for its implementation. The Regulations have been approved by the President and now being printed into handbills for distribution to the relevant stakeholder institutions of government.

Touching on the general objective for the Axle Load Regulations, Minister Cassell Bush emphasized that it is chiefly intended to protect government’s huge investments in the country’s road infrastructure. She told the workshop that the Ministry plans to jumpstart the project with the installation of two weigh stations in the country for the moment; one stationary and another mobile. According to her, the Ministry intends to outsource these projects for which negotiations are presently ongoing between the Ministry of Transport and SGS, a foreign firm, which is sending a team in the country shortly to conduct some feasibility studies. Concluding, Minister Cassell Bush commented GIZ for its continual collaboration with the Ministry in its development programs.

Mr. Dassi Paul Hounhoui, an Axle Load Expert seconded by GIZ, made four major presentations during the Workshop: Background of Axle Load, Stakeholders View on Axle Load Regulations, Enforcement System, and Enforcement Strategy which were followed by questions and answers and intense interactive discussions.
At the close of the workshop, GIZ’s Policy Implantation Advisor, Ursula Hein, on behalf of GIZ, thanked the stakeholders for the massive turnout and their various constructive inputs.

Deputy Transport Minister for Administration & Insurance, Bushuben M. Keita, thanked GIZ for its continual support to the Ministry of Transport in the execution of some of it key programs. He lauded the initiative for the workshop which he said facilitated the free and frank exchange of ideas on the implementation of the Axle Load Regulations. He assured that consultations will continue among the stakeholders until the dream for the setting up of the relevant structures for the full implementation of the regulations is realized.

The workshop was attended by the officials from the Ministries of Public
Works, Transport, Liberia National Police, among others.