Wednesday, May 18, 2016: As the ongoing vehicle registration enforcement and road worthiness inspection intensifies, the Ministry of Transport has vowed not to leave any stone unturned in ensuring full compliance by owners of vehicles including tricycles and motorcycles.

Briefing newsmen on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, on the grounds of the Ministry of Transport, following the impoundment of more than twenty (20) tricycles found to be in violation, Ministry of Transport Inspectorate Division Director, Joseph K. Roberts said tax payment is a requirement set by law for which owners of vehicles including tricycles must pay the stipulated annual registration fees for them. He disclosed that majority of the tricycles impounded are not registered while several of them that registered since 2015 have failed to proceed to the Ministry of Transport to sign for and take delivery of their plates despite repeated public service announcements by the Ministry on radio and in print media. Director Roberts emphasized that the  Inspectorate Division under his leadership will enforce the law to the letter without fear or favor, in making sure that vehicle owners comply fully in meeting their annual registration payment to the Gol.

Concluding, Director Roberts called on vehicle owners across Liberia to be on the side of the law by regularizing their vehicle registration to government. He said those tricycles not registered and presently impounded will not be released until they full meet their registration requirements