Pictorial View of the Division of Motor Vehicle staff at work
Pictorial View of the Division of Motor Vehicle staff at work
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

Monday, Tuesday, October 13, 2015: The Minister of Transport, Hon. Angela Cassell-Bush has expressed her satisfaction over the performance of the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) at the Ministry of Transport since Administration instituted reform measures within the division to fast-track vehicle registration and the issuance of license plates service delivery.

Minister Cassell-Bush made the statement on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 when she convened a brief meeting with transport ministry’s personnel assigned in the Motor Vehicle Division on the ground floor of the Ministry. During the meeting, Minister Bush called on employees of the ministry to remain committed in the discharge of their respective duties in order to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the Ministry of Transport. “As for us, we are political actors but you are Civil Servants who will always remain so do your best for your country”, the Transport Minister said.

She also warned employees of the ministry against the dissemination of misinformation to taxpayers (vehicle owners or operators) that there is shortage of license plates which is untrue and has the tendency to undermine revenue generation of Government. “If Administration identifies anyone involved in such behavior, you will be handed over to the Ministry of Justice for questioning so avoid trouble,” Minister Bush warned. She also asked the employees to advise or expose those involved in the habit of duplicating tax related documents because everything is being systemically arranged by the Ministry, Liberia Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance to track any act of duplication.

Meanwhile, a General Administrative Circular has been issued on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 to all departments of the Ministry of Transport warning employees to desist from any form of expediting Taxpayer’s Vehicle Registration Documents. According to the memorandum, any employee(s) who  refuse to adhere or would-be defaulter(s) will be violator of an act contravening Section 4.2.2(d) of the Civil Service Standing Orders and is punishable by Suspension or Dismissal.