Ministry of Transport Investigates Recent Hikes in Price of Air Transport Between Monrovia And Accra
Ministry of Transport Investigates Recent Hikes in Price of Air Transport Between Monrovia And Accra
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

Monrovia, Monday, August 31, 2015: The Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, has commenced an investigation into recent increase in the cost of air ticket by various airlines operating in Liberia.

The Ministry of Transport and the LCAA on Monday, August 31 met with the Management of Kenya Airlines to discuss the situation, the meeting was held in the office of Transport Minister Angela Cassell Bush and was attended by the Director General of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority Mr. Richelieu Williams, Kenya Airway’s Country Manager, Mr. Felix Wambua and the Deputy Transport Minister, Juanita Traub-Bropleh.

Speaking during the meeting, Transport Minster Angela Cassell Bush expressed profound concerns over reports and anecdotal evidence collected by the Ministry of Transport concerning increases in the price of air tickets between Monrovia and Accra. Minister Cassell Bush observed that the price increase is raising serious concerns within the Government and among the Liberia public.

Responding to Transport Minister Cassell Bush, Kenya Airways Country Manager Mr. Felix Wambua conceded that Kenya Airways has increased the cost of air ticket to Accra for technical reason since August of 2015.

Minister Cassell-Bush requested the Management of Kenya Airways to provide to the Ministry and the LCAA technical data and justification for the price increase for analysis and review by Government. Minster Cassell Bush noted that a team of technical and experts from the Ministry of Transport and the Liberian Civil Aviation Authority will investigate price and other data and information from the Kenya Airways to inform a determination on the recent Kenya Airways increase. The investigation is expected to be concluded very shortly.

The Kenya Airways Country Director has agreed to provide all relevant documents to the Ministry of Transport.

The Ministry and the Liberia Aviation Authority will be holding similar meeting with other carriers within the sector to ensure equity within the air fares without interference to the market forces.

The Transport Ministry and the Aviation Authority advise the Liberian public to remain calm and assure all Liberian that both institutions will deploy the government’s capability and competence to bring the current situation under control.