Angela Bush to Rebrand Transport Sector

Minister Angela Bush
Minister Angela Bush
Photo Credit: MoT

A seven-point action plan intended to rebrand the Ministry of Transport by addressing the structural, policy, legal and technical challenges facing the transport sector has been advanced by the Minister-designate. The plans are part of the 180-day deliverables aimed at raising the profile of the Ministry.

In her confirmation hearing before the Senate yesterday, Mrs. Angela Cassell-Bush said her administration will initiate a scheme for effective coordination among other sector agencies.

This involves the activation of the National Transport Policy and strategy implementation steering committee which comprises the G.I.Z, Ministries of Transport and Public Works, the National Port Authority, National Transit Authority and the Roberts International Airport.

Madam Cassell Bush further said the Transport Ministry working in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders will also review the status of construction work at the RIA with the aim of improving the airport.

At the same time she said her administration will remain engaged with regional and international partners including the Roberts Flights Information Region to ensure strict compliance with policies and regulations on audio-visual monitoring of airplanes operating in the airspace of the three member countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

On the issue of land transportation, the Transport Minister-designate said she plans automate the driver’s licenses and vehicle registration processes within the Ministry and with the relevant agencies. According to her, this initiative is intended to close the gap or leakages in the processes, reduce fraud and further enhance the revenue generation capacity.

Madam Cassell-Bush also plans to decentralize the transport sector by making the regional offices in Grand Gedeh, Nimba and Bong Counties operational for efficiency and revenue generation.

She also plans to work towards the setting up of what she called a “one-stop-shop” process, develop policy manuals to strengthen the internal control framework and develop the capacity of employees.

The Minister-designate promised to build on the success of her predecessors to develop the sector through the adoption of the National Transport Master Plan of Liberia in line with government’s Agenda for Transformation.


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