Transport Sector Preventive Measures Against Ebola

Transport Sector Preventive Measures Against Ebola Campaign.
Transport Sector Preventive Measures Against Ebola Campaign.
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-Minister Bush Declares

Monrovia: September 18, 2014: Transport Minister, Angela Cassell Bush, has said that the Ministry of Transport and the transport sector at large are currently compliant with all preventive measures against the deadly EBOLA virus disease since its outbreak few months ago. She said it is well documented that EVD entered Liberia and spread from county to county through the public transportation system.

Addressing a MICAT Special Press briefing on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, in the Charles Gbenyon Press Hall at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism, the Transport Minister said among the several preventive measures put in place by the Ministry of Transport in particular are: the decongestion of the Ministry by sending home 65% of its workforce, daily temperature taking and washing of hands by employees, customers and visitors before entering the Ministry. She said there has been no EBOLA case at the Ministry itself.

Regarding administrative regulations in the fight against EBOLA, Minister Bush told the hearing that the number of passengers in taxis and buses have been reduced by one in the front,3 in the backseat, 2 in the front and 3 in the backseat benches respectively. She said motorcyclists have been advised NOT to carry acutely ill person and that they carry a single passenger at a time. The recent adjustment of transportation fares by the Ministries of Transport and Commerce to bring relief to commuters was also cited.

Touching on preventive measures instituted by the transport unions and other sub-sectors, Minister Bush disclosed that currently in all inter-county transport parking stations the unions have begun to log all passengers from county to county. The log captures point of origin, destination and contact numbers. It also captures vehicle license plates along with the drivers name and contact information. “This logging system is a vital component of union organized inter-county operations that can be utilized as a method to trace contacts as they move throughout the country,” the Minister emphasized.

The Minister also enumerated several stringent preventive measures that have been put in place by the National  Transit Authority, Liberia Airport Authority, National Port Authority, among others, all tailored towards the fight against EBOLA.

Concluding, Minister Bush said the Ministry of Transport recognizes that the free movement of people is essential and public transportation must continue to operate at a reasonable level during this State of Emergency. She said with the help of the LNP, the illumination of unlawful public transportation providers will ensure that contacts are traced. She stressed that information that may be useful in contact tracing depends heavily on EVD education of public transportation providers.


Concluding, Minister Bush said these key stakeholders can be reached through
various means including press releases, pamphlets, announcements in the public interest and incorporate health messages in ongoing health activities. She asserted that if necessary, a mobile team will reach remote parking stations throughout the country. “Through training and created awareness, transport workers will employ the existing organized network of unions to disseminate information so that suspected cases are reported to health workers quickly and accurately,” the Transport Boss concluded.