Acting Public Works Minister, Hon. Ruth Coker Collins erects street sign in Monrovia.
Acting Public Works Minister, Hon. Ruth Coker Collins erects street sign in Monrovia.

MONROVIA: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2020:The Inter-Ministerial Council of the Road Safety Secretariat (RSS) at the Ministry of Transport on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 held a program marking the Implementation of Pillar -2 of the RSS as it launched the installations of street naming signs, traffic signs and counties welcome signs in Monrovia and across Liberia. The Road Safety Secretariat is a composition of the Ministries of Transport, Health, Public Works, Education and Justice/LNP which the Ministry of Transport is the lead agency. The core objective for the establishment of the RSS funded by the World Bank is to formulate road safety related programs and policies for implementation to help ease the increase of road accidents or crashes in Liberia.

In welcome remarks, the Deputy Minister for Land & Rail Transport, J. Darious Kollie welcomed the participants of the program and extended on behalf of the Administration of the Ministry, thanks and appreciation for their coming to grace the occasion which he described as historic event” in the transport sector.

Also speaking at the program, Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Patrick T. Sudue cautioned both the driving public and pedestrians to take advantage of street and traffic signs for direction and road safety respectively so as to help curb the accidents rate in the country which he said poses serious economic burdens on Government due to deaths and injuries of citizens. Inspector Sudue also advised drivers to be careful in the traffic and warned individuals in the constant habit of removing or damaging street & traffic signs to desist. He also expressed thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Transport, Samuel A. Wlue and his team for the hard work and contributions to road safety.

Performing the launch of the erecting of street & traffic signs on Carey & Warren Streets in Monrovia, Acting Minister of Public Works, Ruth Coker- Collins thanked the World Bank for funding support to the Road Safety Secretariat for the implementation of the Road Safety Action Plan Pillar-2. She said, due to the lack of the erecting of adequate traffic signs in the country, it has the propensity to cause more accidents. Acting Minister Collins thanked the Inter-Ministerial Council of the Road Safety Secretariat (RSS) and partners for the program.

In a closing remarks, Transport Minister, Samuel A. Wlue described the occasion as a “remarkable milestone” aimed at addressing road safety issues in Liberia. Minister Wlue thanked the Secretariat for the level of work and appreciated the World Bank for support to the program. Adding, “It is the work of the Secretariat that assembled us here today and they deserve our commendations”. Minister Wlue praised the Liberia National Police and pledged to seek more logistical support to make them effective and efficient in the discharge of their transport related duties.

The program was held at the Ministry of Transport and it brought together highly placed officials of the Government of Liberia, stakeholders in the transport sector, Government employees and the Press.