MONROVIA: Thursday, October 8, 2020; the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with Stakeholders who constitute the Road Safety Secretariat (RSS) under the Administration of Transport Minister,  Samuel A. Wlue on Thursday, October 8, 2020 officially turned over to the Liberia National Police several road safety related enforcement materials for use. The RSS Action Plan was launched by the President of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, on October 3, 2020 and is comprised of the Ministries of Transport, Public Works, Justice, Education and Health to help address high fatality rate yearly, 35.9% to every 100,000 of the population of Liberia.

In a special remarks, Minister Wlue, said the establishment of the Road Safety Secretariat at the Ministry of Transport is aimed at addressing the alarming rate of increment in accidents across the country involving motorists, non-motorists and pedestrians. He said as the lead agency, and with the support of the World Bank, the Ministry is tasked with the responsibility to formulate or promulgate road safety related policies for implementation to help mitigate road crashes in Liberia which continues to impede the socio-economic growth of Liberia. Minister Wlue also expressed special thanks and appreciation to the World Bank for support to the workings of the Road Safety Secretariat and said his administration is closely working with other development partners to ensure transformation in the transport sector as well as achieve the goal and objectives for which the Secretariat was established. He expressed confidence within the LNP and urged them to make use of the items as the Ministry of Transport counts on their professional expertise to succeed.

Presenting the items, the Deputy Transport Minister for Land & Rail Transportation, Hon. J. Darious Kollie expressed special thanks and appreciation to the World Bank for support to the program and assured that the Ministry of Transport is ensuring all it can to achieve the different layers or pillars of the Road Safety Secretariat. He thanked the police for their outstanding role in the Secretariat and challenged them to do more in the implementation stage of the RSS. “In a not too far distant future, we will embark on other road safety related projects such as Street naming, Traffic Warning Signs in Monrovia and Counties’ Welcome Signs across the country,” Deputy Minister Kollie said.

Receiving the items, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Patrick Sudue, thanked the World Bank for their support as well as lauded the Minister of Transport, Samuel A. Wlue for the cooperation extended the LNP in the executions of transport related duties.

The Inspector General said the Road Safety Action Plan was originally planned for implementation for ten (10) years, but due to urgent need to address current road safety issues in Liberia, the Liberian Government made it prudent to be executed in 5-year. He promised that the LNP will utilize the items for the intended purpose consistent with the RSS. The items presented to the LNP include, 350 pieces of traffic cone, 450 pieces of torchlight, 35 pieces of Reflective Jackets (with the inscription, POLICE), 50 pieces of Traffic Direction light, 200 pieces of Tire Pressure Deflector, 50 pieces of Road Blocker(spikes), 50 pieces of Breathalyzer and 60 pieces of Speed Gun.

The program was held at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police in Monrovia and was attended by officials of Government, Members of the International Community, employees of the Ministry of Transport and the Liberia National Police and the Media.