MOT Launches Traffic Warden Operations In Liberia

Transport Minister Wlue cautioned the officers to be more professional in their operations.
Transport Minister Wlue cautioned the officers to be more professional in their operations.
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

Wednesday, January 8. 2020: The Ministry of Transport has officially launched the operation of Traffic Warden Program in Liberia.

Formally launching the operations on Wednesday, January 8 2020 at the Ministry of Transport in the presence of stake holders including representatives of the Liberia National Police, Transport Unions, and the entire workforce of the Ministry of Transport Minister Samuel A. Wlue called on members of the Traffic Warden Team to be very professional in the discharge of their duties. He told members of the team comprising of 15 Inspectors from the Inspectorate Division of the Ministry who recently graduated from some basic training at the National Police Training Academy that they are not Police Officers and should not engage in Police functions including arrests and imprisonment of peaceful citizens but must work professionally so as not to bring the credibility of the Ministry into public disrepute. He further urged members of the team to treat members of the public with courtesy and discipline. He strongly advised them to report all acts of violations to the Liberia National Police who will take the appropriate punitive actions against the violators consistent with the law.

Minister Wlue told his audience that the money used to buy the 23 JC125 GY motorbikes came through the National Radio Funds of Liberia, stressing that Liberians can now see their taxes at work.

For his part, the Chief of Public Safety of the Liberian National Police, Col. John Saah who deputized for Police Inspector General, Col. Patrick Sudue challenged the officers to practicalize the skills acquired during their training at the National Police Training Academy in Paynesville and assured the police’s cooperation in the timely execution of the work of the Warden Officers, stressing that he is pleased with the working ties between the Liberia National Police and the Ministry of Transport since the takeover of Minister Wlue on December 1, 2016 to date.

Turning to the Warden Officers, the Public Safety Chief said “Riding the motorbikes is one thing and implementing what you acquired is another”.

The objective of the Traffic Warden Operations Program, the first of its kind in Liberia to assist the Police in traffic regulation at strategic points in helping pedestrians including students, workers, and other road users have easy access in crossing streets, reporting broken down vehicle parked at unauthorized locations and impeding the free flow of traffic, etc.

In attendance were several senior officials of the Ministry including Deputy Minister for Administration and Insurance Mr. Sirleaf R. Tyler, Deputy Minister for Land & Rail Transport Mr. J. Darious Kollie, Assistant Minister for Administration and Insurance Nuwoe A.D. Scott and Madam Charlotte Davis, Supervisor, Driver License Section, among others.

Meanwhile, Minister Wlue has disclosed that the Ministry will also extend the operations to other parts of the country to ensure that broken down vehicles are removed from major highways.