Hon. Samuel A. Wlue standing speaking during the official honoring program of Mr John Zubah.
Hon. Samuel A. Wlue standing speaking during the official honoring program of Mr John Zubah.
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Friday, November 9, 2018; The Administration of the Ministry of Transport under the able leadership of Honorable Samuel A. Wlue, Minister of Transport, has officially honored Mr. John Zubah, an employee of the Ministry assigned in the Security Division for his tireless services to the Ministry and mankind as a whole.

Performing the official ceremony on Friday, November 9, 2018, during a colorful program held in the Banking Hall on the ground floor of the Ministry, Transport Minister, Samuel A. Wlue thanked Mr. Zubah for being a man of integrity and a refined character whose services have no borders. He said one does not have to be Minister before serving others, “but once you are charged with the responsibility to serve, do your best ever so that one day, when you leave, those leaving behind can speak good about your deeds.” He said the commitment and dedication of Mr. Zubah will enable history and posterity to recognize him. “Thank you, Mr. Zubah for teaching us dedication and commitment in a working environment. We also want to thank your family for ensuring that you come and care for us,” Minister emphasized.

Continuing his appreciation for “Pa Zubah”, as Mr. John Zubah is commonly called by all employees and his admirers, Minister Wlue stressed “I am grateful to cross Pa Zubah’s path. When the history is written of the Ministry, Mr. Zubah’s hands and footprints will be highlighted, because my plan here is to impact at least one person’s life everyday”, Minister Wlue concluded.

Mr. Zubah was presented two (2) beautifully made traditional gown-shirts, a certificate of recognition, and an enclosed purse given by Minister Wlue. To further boost the recognition of Mr. Zubah in perpetuity, Minister Wlue named the Banking Hall as “John Zubah Banking Hall” with his photo to be posted therein. This was greeted with thunderous applause by the employees as well as well-wishers.

Introducing the occasion earlier, Deputy Transport Minister for Administration/Insurance, Sirleaf Ralph Tyler said Administration’s decision to honor Mr. Zubah is to appreciate his services and dignity demonstrated over the years and called on other employees to emulate his good example.

The occasion was attended by Members of the Senior Management Team of the Ministry (appointed officials), Directors, Employees, The Press, Family members of the honoree, and well-wishers.