Confirmation Hearing on the Nomination of Hon. Angela Cassell Bush As Minister of Transport Designate Senate Committee Room, Capitol Building

Honorable Geraldine Doe-Sheriff
Senate, Montserrado County & Chairperson
Senate Committee on Transport

Honorable Thomas Grupee
Senator, Nimba County & Co-Chairperson
Senate Committee on Transport

Honorable Edward Dagoseh
Senator, Grand Cape Mount County, & Member
Senate Committee on Transport

Honorable Peter Coleman
Senator, Grand Kru County & Member
Senator Committee on Transport

Honorable Alphonso Gaye
Senator, Grand Gedeh County & Member
Senator Committee on Transport

Honorable Armah Jallah
Senator, Gbarpolu County & Member
Senate Committee on Transport

Permit me to begin by extending to you all, my outmost gratitude for the prompt manner in which you have organized and called this hearing particularly amidst these very difficult and trying times in our country’s history.

I would also like to extend profound thanks and deep appreciation to the
President of the Republic of Liberia, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for nominating me as Minister Designate of the Ministry of Transport.

May I also thank you, Honorable Chairperson and members of this Committee, for receiving the President’s nomination and permitting me to appear before
 you to be scrutinized and vetted consistent with our constitution.

Let me continue by indication to you, our desire and preparedness to assume this role in light of our public sector experience and dedication to duty.


The transport sector of our country, like many other sectors has suffered severe setback as a result of our civil crisis and urgent efforts are needed to engage more closely in properly prioritizing our transport needs consistent with our development, the Agenda for Transformation and our medium term  expenditure framework.

Let me hasten to note, Honorable Chairperson and members of the committee, that in spite of the challenges and limited resources to the transport sector, our predecessors have done a yeoman’s job in the last few years to build the foundation for a strategic thinking and action planning for the development of the sector through the adoption of the “National Transport
Master Plan of Liberia”.

Once confirmed, Honorable Senators, we intend to build on the success of our predecessors and we are prepared and committed to pursuing the mission of the Ministry of Transport by formulating policies and enforcing regulations of all transport related activities. We envisage a secure, affordable, sustainable, efficient and effective transport sector that would contribute to the socio-economic development of Liberia. But these are long term goals that would require intermediary steps and with potential resource challenges arising as a result of the current health crisis that is confronting our rebuilding efforts, we have shrewdly designed these actions anticipating a slowdown in the economy.

Honorable Chairperson and distinguished Senators, these intermediary steps, majority of which are policy and systems oriented are already articulated within the framework of our Agenda for Transformation, the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and our year on budget.

We intend, when confirmed, to pursue these goals and development targets scrupulously but first we must take stock of the gains, challenges, gaps and failings in our system to be able to instate the proper framework to ensure success.

In this direction, we have been working on a review process and have development action plan for the next six months, that would help us focus on the most pressing issue within the sector as we plan to further calibrate our programming efforts ( donor and government resources permitting).

Our seven-point for the next 180 days would take off with the conduct of series of inter-agency reviews to assist us better understand the structural, policy, legal and technical challenges facing the sector. We will use and build on all existing documentations.

Drawing from the review lessons, we will initiate a scheme for effective coordination amongst agencies within the sector. Along these lines, we will work to activate the National Transport Policy and Strategy (NTPS) Implementation Steering Committee chaired by the Ministry of Transport and co-chaired by both GiZ and Ministry of Public Works with the National Port Authority (NPA), National Transit Authority (NTA) Roberts International Airport (RIA) serving as members.

As the sector Minister, we will work with related stakeholders to review the status of reconstruction works at the Robert International AirPort, particularly our airport runway, in light of the current crisis.

With the same period, we will focus more energy on soft projects such as the setting up of the ‘One-Stop-Shop’, development policy manuals, strengthening the internal control framework and capacity development. We intend to expeditiously fast-track the drafting and submission for our consideration “Axle Road and Public Safety Laws” currently under stakeholder review and advisement.

We will continue to remain engaged with our regional and international partners including the Roberts Flight Information region (RFIR) to ensure audio visual monitoring of airplanes operating in the airspaces of these three member countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in strict compliance with regional
and international transport policies and regulations;

Consistent with our long term agenda to improve the ministry, we will work to support systems strengthening and this would include strengthening the administrative system, rebranding the Ministry of Transport by investing in our public information programs to connect more with the public.

Through our systems strengthening program, we will work to design a capacity building plan of action for the agency.

Under my direction, we will place specific focus to strengthening the meteorological division, by providing training and required support to enhance their functionality.

The interventions stated above would be executed at the tail end of our action plan, in light of the current Ebola crisis and the resource stress that might arise.

We will initiate efforts to enhance the decentralization of the sector by operationalizing the transport regional offices in Grand Gedeh, Nimba, Bong, for efficiency and revenue generation purposes.

As part of our development strategy, we intend to fully automate the driver’s license and vehicle registration processes within the Ministry, working with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and our partners. This initiative will close the gap or the leakages in these processes, reduce fraud and further enhance the revenue generation capacity;

There are other plans and actions covered within the Agenda for Transformation (AFT) that we intend to review and reprioritize consistent with performance evaluation already being conducted and with availability of resources.

Honorable Chairperson and Honorable members of the Committee, we are once again delighted to be preferred by the President and honor to appear before you for scrutiny.

Thank You!

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