Processes and Procedures Required for Obtaining Liberia Driverís License

An applicant for driver’s license is required to satisfy the following procedures in order to qualify to obtain a valid operator’s license as listed below:
  1. Obtain a Police Clearance from the Liberia National Police Headquarters Testing and Evaluation Center;
  2. Proceed to the Ministry of Transport to collect Invoice/Bill Payment for the category of license;
  3. Proceed to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Central Bank Annex to make payment;
  4. Proceed to the Ministry of Transport for payment receipt validation;
  5. Fill in a data Form;
  6. Receive a license number from the Numbering Clerk;
  7. Sit for safety interview by Ministry of Transport Interviewers;
  8. Driver’s License Form is signed by the Director or Deputy Director of Driver’s License and approved by the Deputy or Assistant Minister for Land & Rail 
  9. Receive issuance and expiration dates from Data Processing Clerk;
  10. Proceed to the Production Room to have the photo taken;
  11. Receive processed License Card from the Dispatcher;
NB: all service members of UNMIL as well as members of the diplomatic and consular corps wishing to obtain Liberia driver’s license must go through the ministry of foreign affairs for  an official ]\communication addressed to the minister of transport requesting the issuance. All United Nations staff members are requested to obtain from the chief of mission a written communication addressed to the minister of transport requesting said license.
  1. Download Driver's License Application Form
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