About the Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport was created by an Act of the National Legislature on August 25, 1987, to formulate and administer the transport, insurance and maritime regulations and policies of Liberia. These include the oversight responsibility for execution of policies relating to land, sea and air transport services operating within the country. It is also mandated to ensure strict adherence to insurance standards and regulations in collaboration with insurance agencies operating in the country.
The Ministry has the following departments:
Department of Administration and management
  • Department of Policies, Planning and Projects 
  • Department of Public Affairs
  • Department of Personnel Service
  • Department of Maintenance
  • Department of Audit
  • Department of Information Technology(IT)
  • Department of Security
  • Department of Procurement
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Special Project
Department of Land Transport Regulatory services
  • Department of Inspectorate Land & Rail
  • Department of Driver’s License
  • Department of Motor vehicle & Licensing
The terms of office of past and present ministers of transport:
  1. Madam Mcleod E.T. Darpoh---------------1987-1990
  2. Hon. D.L. Maxwell Kaba------------------ 1991-1995
  3. Hon. D. Amah Youlo----------------------- 1995-1996
  4. Hon. D. Rosovelt Johnson-----------------1996-1996
  5. Hon. Raleigh Seekie------------------------ 1996-1997
  6. Hon. Lami Lawa----------------------------  1997-1998
  7. Hon. Dr. Ibrahima Kaba--------------------   1999-2000 
  8. Hon.Francis M. Carbah---------------------  2000-2001 
  9. Hon. Joe W. Mulbah-----------------------     2002-2003
  10. Hon. Vamba M. Kanneh--------------------  2003-2005
  11. Hon. Jeremiah C. Sulunteh---------------  2006-2008
  12. Hon. Jackson E. Doe-----------------------  2008-2009
  13. Hon. G. Alphonso Gaye--------------------  2009-2010
  14. Hon. Willard A. Russell, I-----------------   2010-2012
  15. Hon. Eugene Lenn Nagbe-----------------2012-2013
  16. Hon. S. Tornorlah Varpilah---------------   2013--2014
  17. Hon. Angela Cassell Bush---------------- 2014 --2016
  18. Hon. Samuel B. Wlue -----------------------2016---